Hot wire for chicken run

My hen house

Aug 2, 2019
Im looking for some suggestions
I have a 20x50 chain link chicken run it is 6 feet tall, i have a Netting over top to keep hawks out (it works for hawks but anything else could go straight through it), they do go into a secure coop at night
Last year i had foxes come kill more than half my flock before I gave them to someone else
Now i got them back and have the chain link fence
I know the foxes could go straight over the fence i am thinking of putting a hot wire
The foxes came in the afternoon when they weren't locked up
Does anyone know how i would do that and at what heights of the fence to put it at
you get a fence charger. The size depends on how much wire you are going to need to secure the area. The unit needs a grounding rod.
then you need insulators (they make some specifically to put on the fence posts for chainlink as well) and your 'wire' with many different options. In this case I would go with actual wire. The farm store sells spools of that.
Then you run tour wire along the perimeter of the enclosure, maybe 6 inches up. Yu can run on or more courses, one maybe across the top of the fence, or at 15 inches. I have never had a problem with foxes.


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