HotNoob here ;) total newbie and newly off-grid


In the Brooder
Jun 8, 2020
Manitoba, Canada

Complete newbie here to raising chickens. For the most part no experience with livestock / animals in general. I have a ton of land with a TON of ticks and other critters, so i'm looking to freerange / "pasturize" chickens to clear up the ticks and other pests.

I'm starting with 20 browns, i just got them on June 05, 2020.

I have a youtube channel,, and am a "semi-retired" IT professional. I quit / retired from my position of director of it, to start an off-grid homestead. from years of prep combined with a utterly insane and stressful career, i'm jack of all trades, so i have a ton of hobbies.

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