House chicken with Diaper running around the and don't?


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Jun 29, 2008
Can someone please give me the do's and don't of a house chicken..We have rug on the floor.We are affriad hes gonna eat that.Can he diguest that?Hes 3 months old.Hes our baby.And att what age can he have gravel? He dont know how to roost on a perch..So hes gonna be sleeping in bed with me..
WHAT??? Chickens naturally roost, and do you realy have a diaper on it? I am a bit flabberghasted right now. Even the babies know to roost. I don't think the chicken will eat the carpet, just the pieces of food that land in it. Do you have feeding area for it? Roo or hen? And it can have grit, gravel, sand at any age.... i think...
You need to send us a pic of this special bird. He SLEEPS with you? WOW now that is a true chicken addiction
I would love to make some of those diapers and let my Serama run around during the day but at night he has to go in his home.
FYI... there is a whole "house chickens" movement! I dont believe in it, but hey if it floats your boat!

There are multiple email groups set up for them through "other" internet companies.... People have diapers for them, cat houses set up as nest boxes, some even allow them to sleep on the bed at night....

I dont understand it, but then again, it takes all kinds to make our poultry hobby succeed!
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I dont completely understand it, but to each his own. I cant imagine giving a chicken full run of the house even with a diaper? I would want to supervise while it was loose.
Hes a rooster.He crows to get us into the bedroom for his drink,which he cant have in the cage all the time because he dumps it...He will crow to say hello to us.He will crow when we have music on.He will sing to the music.Our vet said that he will grow up people friendly but not chicken friendly.Probably you guys remember him.His name is Happy.He was the only one hatched out of the incubator.Yeah hes gonna be wearing his diaper and sleeping with me.He watches me fall asleep at night and coo's at me.He just lays flat out to go to sleep just like me.We bought a huge perch from Lowes and he will not get onto it.He thinks hes a person or a cat or whatever we have here.I will post pix of him up tomorrow.
Have you provided a place for him to do dirt baths? Those are pretty essential for any chicken. As for gravel, they will pick up pieces of rock and such if allowed to be outside. Inside they will need that if eating anything other than chick starter. It's sweet to anthropomorphize our pets, but if you really care about them, i feel it's more important to consider their needs over your wants. Just my two cents.
That is one lucky rooster
He's going to have a great long life. I'm sure when he gets older he may start to use the roost. Good luck with him. I think it's so cool. If I didn't have a hubby I would have a chicken in the house
I asked hubby and this is what HE did...
his answer was NO!
Gosh, my hens try like crazy to get in the house, but I've drawn the line at the front porch. One brave soul made it in one day when I was bringing in groceries. My daughter had to chase her out of the house. I have no doubt they would follow me right under the bed covers to cuddle if I'd let them!

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