Housing For Ducks

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Something I'd like to see is what people house their ducks in not the water ducks but land ducks. We are planning on a building in the spring for our 10 muscovies and would really like to know what is the best size and building for them. We live in the mts of N.C. so it gets very cold here in the winter so it'll need to meet that need. I'd would appreciate so much any ones suggestions. Thank you
mine like to lay in plastic dog houses but we are building a house that is kinda like a wood shed. i have 15 ducks right now but will have 11 in the next few days. i would make it tall enough that you can work in it comfortably and for my 11 ducks it will be 6ft wide and 10ft long. prob. more room then they need but better safe then sorry:)

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