Housingfor trios?


12 Years
Feb 12, 2007
NW Florida
Hi all.

I have 8 goslings about 5 weeks old and it's time to move them outside at night. I have two futre breeding trios (hopefully -- that's the plan anyway) and a pair. I will probably enclose them in separate houses for breeding within fenced areas when adults. I think they will be fairly safe from most predators with my setup. However right now ifeel they are too vulnerable to everything. -- even snakes and weasels.

I want to build housing that will later be used for a breeding trio. Hopefully. You can get the females to nest one in each end of their "house" and place the male in with them at night -- if they still need locking y
up as adults? I want to build a house like this that will hopefully temporarily house the 8 goslings, so I will make this one snake-proof. When I later build 2 more houses in preparation for splitting them up I probably won't worry about snakes -- just make it safe from predators the size of raccoons and foxes or larger -- we DO have coyotes.

What dimensions are needed for this setup? And if I'm really misinformed about how to go about this, I welcome any correction. I've raised geese before in a large fenced yard and just left them free once they were mature and they nested in thick brush. Oh, and the trios are Emden and the other is an Emden pair with a Toulouse goose. My extra pair are Pilgrims.

Thanks so much!!! I'd like to get started on this asap, just not sure how big it needs to be. (I hope not bigger than the length of the 2x4s I already have lol). Thanks!!!

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