Hova Bator 1602N question. Please help :)


7 Years
Mar 30, 2012
I am just trying out incubating. My local feed store has a Hova Bator 1602N incubator. I know it is not the top model or digital and all. I wanted to know, when I go look at it, what features do I need to look for on the box? Also, are all of the 1602N the same? Will I need to buy any additional things to go with it? I will be buying the egg turner as well. How difficult will this model be for a first timer? If this model is not suggested, what else do you recommend if I cannot afford the 1588 Genesis?
That 1620N is a good basic incubator. It uses a wafer thermostat which is much easier to adjust and deal with than the electronic one in the Little Giant incubator it also has a much deeper lower half as compared to the LG. This comes in handy especially if you have a hatch of quail ready to make a run for it when you remove the top. It is a still air incubator, the manufacturer calls it a thermal air flow model because the air isn't truly still. The warm air moves out the top vents and pulls fresh air in through the bottom vents. Folks will jump in and suggest that you put a fan in it to make it circulated air. That would be a matter of personal preference. Still air incubators have worked just fine for years and years. I'd try a few hatches as is and see if its working for you before even thinking about adding the fan.
Do note that incubating and hatching eggs is highly addictive and may intensify and become difficult to control
Well I put my eggs in yesteray. I am trying to check periodically to make sure the temp is evening out. I put the incubator in my bedroom as it has the most constant temp, but even so I am noticing that as the weather temp drops outside, it affects the temp. I checked on it once and the temp had fallen to about 96 so I immediately adjusted it. The adjusting does not bother me as I work from home so I can check from time to time. I am incubating free eggs so if it doesn't work, I will not be at a loss. My family, including cousins aunts, uncles etc. all live relaltively close on about 80 acres of connected land. We have about 7 amongst us who are raising chickens. I just asked my uncle for a few of his eggs combined with a couple from my two laying hens. I want to practice before the spring gets here. Then I might invest in some rare eggs or something. I don't mind being addicted lol. I had chickens as a youngster but byt the time I was about 14 I insisted my parents get rid of them because "I will not have any date of mine coming to pick me up with chicken poop on the front step!" Haha. So now the man I am dating has to accept me and my chickens. And as he is a city raised guy, he is finding this chicken thing rather amusing.
I don't have central air & heat so my house can get pretty chilly. I wrapped towels around my 'bator to help keep the temp from fluctuating too much. Working with a borrowed hovabator still air. I find tho that the thermostat sits pretty steady once I get it where I want it. It's in my bedroom right now but I might move it to the living room which is normally warmer in the winter, as it's beginning to cool off pretty good here now at night.

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