Hovabator 262N and button quail


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Nov 2, 2008
I got this incubator with its turner but wondered if I am not using the egg trays do I remove them or does it all stay together like that? I am only going to try to hatch 12 quail eggs. And to put the eggs in the temp I think I understood it is suppose to be around 99-100F? What about the humidity? Sorry for all the 1st timer questions and thank you all so much.
i don't know much about that particular incubator, but usually you can remove the whole turner if you don't want to use it... i'm incubating button quail right now and because i don't have the right turner trays yet (there are ones specifically sized for quail eggs) I put some drawer lining on the bottom of the egg cup and put the largest of the quail eggs in there, the rest of the eggs are on the side.

usually if you look at the instructions for the egg turner, it will tell you how to remove the racks (listed under the cleaning instructions)

as for those "first timer questions" just do a search on the website for other forums and you'll find so much information. also it depends on whether or not your incubator came with a fan: if it didn't you'll want to have the temperature a bit higher (between 100-101 or so) to make up for the inadequate hot air circulation.

good luck!
i kept all mine in. i just carefully put the quail eggs in them pointed side down. When hatching, take the turner out~ also put a paper towel down, their feet are super tiny!!!
My jumbo eggs fit in my chicken turner, buttons are alot smaller.
Still air 101-102
with fan 99-100
i did 50ish day 1-16 and high 60's last 3 that's courtnix , buttons have different days

turners have a pin you slip out on the end, then gently pop out one side and the other comes right out
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Button quail eggs will fall through the chicken cups on those, but you can 'modify' the turner to hold the button eggs. Just put some cotton or paper towel in the bottom of the cup, and lay the eggs on their sides.

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