Hovabator by GQF

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10 Years
Jun 5, 2009
Anyone have any experience with this manufacturer? Or a recommendation. I ask about this one because it is rather inexpensive on ebay, with the fan and egg turner. I just want something to hatch about a dozen or so every now and again.

I have a hovabator genesis and I love it! I costs a little more, but the auto thermostat is well worth it! I am not sure about any other ones.
I have 3 Hovabators - 1583, 1588 & 2362. The 1588 is the mack daddy (auto thermostat, full viewing window & fan), the 1583 is pretty good (easy to adjust the temp, full viewing window & fan) and the 2362 is alright too (easy to adjust temp, has a fan, but only has 2 small viewing windows). I'd still stick with the 1588 because it really is a "plug-n-play" unit - nothing to fiddle with except add water every few days. The 1588 really makes it more stress free. Best place to find it the cheapest is www.cutlersupply.com.
Run a search (see search button above) on Hovabator. There are a tons of posts on the matter. There is a thread somewhere that links to a list that has complied all the info in one spot. I can't remember the title, but the search should give you oddles of info.

(I have a 1602 and it's okay. Not as consistant as the 1588, but about a third of the cost.)

Good luck!
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