Hovabator genisis Q's.

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    I just purchased the hovabator genisis and I have a couple questions:

    1. First how do you add water to it?(i know its a stupid question, but i dont want to lift the turner every time to add water.) Do you keep the water resivior filled at all times?

    2. Are there any good tips for this incubator or first hatching tips?

    Thanks a bunch-Joe

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    Get a humidity gauge, and go by that.

    you can use a small hose to fill the tray.

    I made a tray that fit beside the turner(motor side) out of tinfoil, and stuffed it full a rags to prevent spills.

    Some people use sponges.

    The more water surface area you have the higher the humidity going to be.
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    Mar 3, 2009
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    I use a piece on Aquarium tubing and a syringe to add water. I put the tubing through the vent hole, through one of the egg holders in the turner then through one of the holes in the screen, it works very well, leave the tube there all the time, just remove the syringe to add more water! Also I keep a sponge in there from the very begining to soak on day 18-21 to raise the humidity. I just finished my first hatch, out of 26 eggs 3 didn't develope 1 quit half way through and 22 hatched between day 18 and 21, all but one was done hatching by day 21, so It did an awesome job.

    One of the awesome things about the genisis is it's recovery time, I never worried about opening to candle, because the temp would be back up within a few minutes, and best of all no babysitting!. I would recomend a didgital thermometer/Hydrometer, you can get one at walmart for 7 bucks, works great.

    Good Luck, and remember to have fun!

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