Hovabator- rig it for 2 layers of eggs with expansion ring?


11 Years
May 14, 2008
I believe (saw it for sale when I googled) I can still get an expansion ring for my round Hovabator 1602 w/ fan. I believe I can rig a shelf/lip to hold a second egg turner to that expansion ring. Sooo my questions:
1. any idea how big the expansion collar is? and if another turning tray with eggs will fit over the bottom turner and eggs? Would there be room for two turners and eggs?

2. with 84 eggs
in my hovabator and the added room will my expanded hovabator hold temp? Get to temp? act properly? How about with some outside assistance? I'm thinking I can use a blanket to wrape around it like an open ended burrito to assist in insulating without covering top and bottom and keep it in the closet to give it as much consistent exterior temps as possible?

Anybody ever try this, here of it tried? A backyard hacker can dream can't he? Am I on to something? Not? thanks for your input. Keystonepaul

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