Dont know anything about that model other than its automatic .i think its preset and cant be changed i have a 1602N forced air i have used it to incubate but usually just use it as a hatcher but i have heard the 1588 is a nice model for beginners.
Most of the stuff Iv'e heard on the 1588 has been WOW.Only bad Iv'e heard was something about haveing to add water daily ;but thats up for grabs cause I do not know where they live (maybe the desert area) its an unknown.cva34
i just checked it out, looks to be the same thing as the 1602 only preset temps, which is w/e. i'm sure its like most hovabators, good products

i use a 1602n and its awesome.
I think it is worth it. I am planning on getting one (1588) soon myself. I cannot speak from experience though. I am positive it will be better than my homemade cooler incubator.
honestly, i don't think its worth it, i'd rather just get a still air 1602n, pop a pc fan in it for like 7 bucks, and buy the auto turners, might save 20 bucks that way instead of buying the whole thing.
I have had a Hovabator 1588 for the past 2 years and I love it. I have had excellent hatches using it. The temperature is preset but can be changed if necessary ~ I have never adjusted mine. There is also a fan which in my opinion is very important. Mine also came with a turner & holders for both chicken & quail eggs.
I love mine! Just got done with 4 hatches in a row. Very little fuss. Water/humidity holds good and comes back up fast after opening it.

It was well worth every penny. I also love the big window to watch hatches. Plug it in, add a little water.. little to no fuss.

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