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Jun 12, 2017
Hey folks, this is a bit different that I normally post. My wife and I are trying our best to be as self sufficient as possible. We know that realistically we will never be 100% self sufficient, but we try our best to get there. For instance, I know to how to grind my own flour but I'd never hope to do it on a regular basis. My wife bakes about 50% of the bread we consume, including her homemade biscuits 3x a week. We eat a lot of poultry, rabbit, fish, and deer. We don't eat beef (when we do, be buy it from a friend), and the only meat we routinely buy is pork (for now). We grow and preserve a large portion of our garden, but things like potatoes we buy as they are easier and cheap. But every couple of years, we grow some potatoes just to "remember how" so we don't forget. Realistically, we produce about 50-60% of what we consume, and we are comfortable with that. Do we really want to produce our own lard or press our own canola oil? No, but I know how to make lard if I need too.

So, I guess my question is: Realistically, where are you with self sufficiency and where do you want to be?


Sep 16, 2019
Southwest Georgia
We barely got chickens two years ago. This will be the start of year three. We got calves recently but will not be butchering them ourselves when the time comes so I guess that’s not really self sufficient. Even though we have processed a bird or two we still buy chicken from the grocery store. And we have a horrible green thumb.

My goal is to get better at gardening and start getting all our vegetables and herbs from our garden, but will still shop for our fruits (although maybe I’ll one day do well growing berries). I want to eventually have enough chickens to lay eggs as well as for processing so I no longer have to buy from the store. We don’t eat pork at all. We do have a female calf that we hope to breed so we can get milk from her in a year or two. Hmm pretty much as self sufficient as I can be without it taking up 200% of my time since I still have to homeschool my boys.


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Sep 26, 2014
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My Coop
I have a huge list of things that I have learned how to do, in the hope that I won't have to rely solely on my ability to do it. :confused:
I do garden and can grow veggies. I know about chickens, horses and cattle. I can hunt and fish. I can make soap the hard way. I can build shelter. Actually, my list is more about being able to live if the SHTF. I'm not trying to hijack this thread; it's only in typing that I realize that maybe I'm not exactly answering to your intent?
One of the most extreme experiments was making flour with acorns. Not so tasty. But edible.

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