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    I have 3 LF pullets kept in a 4x8 run with 4x4 second story coop, sand on the floor, 2 external nesting boxes. I can't free range them. 48 sq ft for 3 chickens ought to be enough room but I know they'd love some green grass and a little variety that a day tractor could provide - just something small and simple they could go on day outings in. Do the 10sq ft per chicken rules still apply in something like this? What would the minimum size be to prevent fighting/picking? I am loathed to make it any bigger than I have to but 30sq ft for a day tractor seems a lot. And heavy to move. I was thinking 3x6x 2 frame with shade provided at one end. Wld also need to provide water and food and that takes up space. Chicken math is not a problem for me as I am only allowed to keep 3 chickens.

    So what say you? Would 3x6 be big enough for a day tractor? Does anyone use a day tractor for their chooks? Does it work well?

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    I might try a 4 x 8 to get the most of your lumber and use 2 x 2 light weight frame. I don't think the ten square feet rule applies to what you are wanting to do. I think getting them out of the coop a good idea.

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