How Broody are call ducks?


10 Years
Jul 23, 2009
North Dakota
I am new to raising call ducks, I only have had them a couple months now. But I have some laying eggs right now and I do know from my own experience that call duck eggs are hard to incubate. I have two that have made nests and lay an egg almost every day in their nest. I decided to see if those two would hatch out their own eggs while I try to incubate some of the other eggs I am getting. 1 hen has 9 eggs as of today and the other has 8. They have not started to sit yet but I am hoping they will. Has anyone let their call ducks hatch out their own eggs? I think I will give them another week and if they are not sitting by then, I will take the eggs and put in an incubator. One hen has laid everyday for the last 9 days while the other lays about 5 eggs a week.
I let mine set and hatch and then I take the ducklings away. This summer for the first time ever I let one of them keep her ducklings and none of them survived.
Sorry to hear about that. I will take the ducklings away if I get to that point. I actually have those two in breeder pens right now inside a heated shop and will keep them there until I either take the eggs or they hatch out their ducklings.

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