How can I attach a skirt to existing hardware cloth?

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    I already have the sides and top of our run covered in 1/4" hardware cloth but don't have the skirt which I'm reading is very important. We have large, heavy rocks surrounding the run now but I want to make it as predator proof as possible. Can someone tell me how we should attach the skirt to the existing hardware cloth please. I wish I'd known about this when we enclosed the run, we could have just extended the HW cloth onto the ground. I'm thinking about replacing the rocks once the skirt is down for added protection or is this a bad idea for some reason? Unless I can find someone to stay at our house when we go on vacation this fall, we will have to leave the coop open to the run day and night (I lock my girls up at night) so I need to really beef up the security. Suggestions for additional protection will be greatly appreciated. I'm already having nightmares about leaving them alone for so long. Thank you.
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    you could actually just lay it out flat around the perimeter and stake it down. If you're set on attaching it, you can move the rocks, bend the edge up and attach it to the bottom of the run. then put the rocks back
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    You want it attached because that is where most predators will try to dig. You can remove the rocks, wire the hardware cloth to your existing "wall", either laying it out flat 2' or burying it at least 18" and then replace the rocks.
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    What does the bottom edge of the run walls look

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