How Can I Cure My Chicken??

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    My Black Rock Came Down A While Ago With A Swollen Eye, Was A Bit Bubbly But Mostly Swollen, Seperated Her From Her Sister And Put Her In A Seperate Run, She's Been Treated On For Five Days Off For 5 With Denagard 3 Or 4 Times Now But It Just Seems To Get Worse, She Tends Not To Drink A Lot When's She's On It But Often When We Take Her Off. Would Putting It In Her Food And Treats Help Or Does She Need Stronger Meds? [​IMG]
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    It could be a respiratory disease like Mycoplasma Gallisepticum (MG).

    You can try Tylan 50 injectable, given orally, or seek a vet's help. Tylan 50 dosage is 1 cc or ml per 5 pounds of weight. Give it orally or as an injection into the breast muscle 1/4 inch deep.

    Keep in mind that antibiotics may help with relief/supportive care and can help with secondary infections, there is no "cure" and recovered birds still remain carriers for life.
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