How can I earn money from Backyard Chickens?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by AudreyRockz, Oct 4, 2014.

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    I would really like to take on backyard chickens!

    I know that I would sell their eggs, but what else could I do to earn some money from them? I probably won't get chickens until spring of 2015, because there are not many breeds to choose from this time of year and I don't want to keep chickens in my home for months at a time!

    Thank you so much!

  2. Unless you plan to go big (100s or better 1000s of birds) you won't make any money, the best you will do is help pay for the feed and maybe a little bit for your troubles...

    Eggs are going to be the easiest money maker with a few birds, hatching out chicks, plumping up meat birds or bringing hens to laying age for sale just isn't profitable for the backyarder as they will eat all the profits :)

    But, if you invest in some high end breeding stock of rare and desired breeds you might be able to make some money breeding and selling but that is gambling on the market pretty heavily, as trends and prices can shift on a dime...
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    I can't agree with all of this. I "went big". Big means lots of coops, feed by the ton, saw dust by the truck load, bales and bales of straw.....and inspections and blood tests that will cost you a serious chunk of your profits! Not to mention the hours of cleaning coops, washing feed and water containers, and daily chores that take hours. Add in the time spent actually selling the chicks/eggs, hatching equipment and supplies, cleaning and packaging supplies for eggs, advertising, phone calls all day long and an increased electric's not an easy way to make $!

    The advice on breeds however is spot on! You can only get as much as the local feed store does for regular chicks. Find your self a niche and you'll do better. For instance....Marans are rare in my area. I got the best Marans I could find from several breeders. Since I was the only local source of an in demand breed, I could charge much more per chick or even per egg. The better quality, the more you can charge. Even if your local demand isn't terribly high you can sell and ship hatching eggs for a decent profit if you've got great stock.


  4. Well as always there are successful business ventures and unsuccessful ones, just going big is only one part of the equation, not a guarantee of success...

    The point was you are not going to turn any viable profit selling 5 dozen eggs a week, but you could very well make a profit selling 500 dozen a week...

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