how can I encourage brooddy hens?

mama dixie

8 Years
Aug 11, 2011
I had tried to hatch some eggs I got from this site and they did not hatch well I think two did but then they died.. is there a way to encourage a hen to get broody. the person I got the eggs from was very kind and sent me some more, I was so surprised when I got them, but now my hens are not broody at all. any ideas on how to get one of the good mama's to go broody?
you are not going to believe this. I went out to feed the birds today and I took the eggs I had left. I put them in the rabbit hutch I have used in the past to put Broddie's in, well my little bantam Cochin jumped in and looked at them, I told her if you want to sit they can be yours to raise. she hatched 10 in there last year. well she plopped down on them and puffed up to like three times her size. so i put in food and water and she is still setting. I will let you know if any hatch :) God is so in control I knew we could not afford a bator so I guess he whispered in the birds ear and walla...I don't want to offend any-ones beliefs but in my hart truly thanks be to God :)

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