how can I feed multiple cats at a designated time?

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    May 28, 2009
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    Currently, The cats have free food inside and out. However, with winter coming I want to discourage predators from coming to the yard looking for a free meal, and some of the cats are a little pudgy.

    My problem is that I have 9 cats all different ages and sizes. I have an 11 yr old male outdoor cat that is a little fat, but not huge. I've got 2, 6yrs olds (male and female), the male is big, but not fat, and the female is on the skinny side. They too are both outdoors.

    My inside/outside are the main problem. They eat in here, and then go out and eat. I have an 8yr old MC mix female who is fat (16 lbs). I also have 5, 1yr olds. The 3 females are getting a little pudgy, while the 2 males are on the smaller side.

    I don't know how to go about feeding them at a certain time, and making sure they all get the amount of food they need. Also, some of them show up at random times. If I feed at a certain time everyday, will they all come around knowing it is time to eat?

    The indoor/outdoor cats go through about 4 cups a day, so about 3/4 per cat if even. However, most of them then go outside and eat, and I know that my big girl eats more than that.
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    I had a similar problem, one huge cat that vaccumed food, and one slight cat that nibbled. I always imagined setting up a trapdoor contraption where the big cat would fall through. Or a series of hinged steps that the little cat could walk up, but they would collapse under the big guy. Sadly, the big guy passed on, so I never built the contraption.
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    I would start by picking up all the free food.

    Then start feeding them at say 9 am and 7 pm every single day to get them on a schedule.

    Then once they are on schedule you can pick up/ separate the skinny ones from the fat ones.

    Example; Skinny ones get fed in the laundry room and they get bigger scoops of food. Fat ones get fed in the kitchen and they get less food.

    It's a little harder with cats because their systems aren't designed to eat big meals, they like to snack frequently throughout the day.

    But I would start first by picking up all the feed and feeding them in separate rooms.
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    I feed mine in the morning and before night. They all have learned to be there if they want to eat. I feed the inside and the outside at the same time so they are all busy.
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    How important is it to you to control their weight? If you aren't dead set on feeding each one. A set amount, you could do as I do. I feed raw, so I don't leave food out, but as with you, my cats come and go. Basically I keep a container of food in the fridge, and when a cat is inside on "cat island" (an old microwave stand that serves as their feeding stand and holds their kitty accessories), yelling at me, I bring the food out, take the lid off and let the yelling cat eat. When they walk away, I put it back in the fridge.
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    Quote:Same here. 8 Inside cats, 5 outside. All are different ages and sizes. The outside cats supplement with mice, birds, etc. Whatever the outside cats leave, the ducks clean up. As for the inside cats, there's always a bit left in the bowls for stragglers or those who might want a snack later. One is diabetic and on insulin twice daily so must have his meals to coincide with his injections.

    They ALL learned right real quick when meal time is around here. [​IMG]

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