How can I make my new Pekin Ducks Love me :(


6 Years
Mar 25, 2013
Shellburne, NH
I love my new 3 week old pips to love to be with me. After a few minutes of being on my lap for awhile they will finally calm down. Once I can calm them down I stroke their belly necks. I have one that's a lot more calmer, but one screams and try's to claw his way to the top of me or my chair. Anything to get away from me. After about 5 or more min. then I can pat his bump

If anyone has any clues for me about raising pins, pls give me a shout!
Just make sure you spend alot of time with them but most of all make sure that you spend time just watching them. Instead of just holding them to bond with them try spending half an hour just sitting by them so they can get more used to your movements and you can watch them. Sometimes this can be an important step when it comes to hand taming them as it lets them know that you don't always catch them which will allow them to trust you more. And one of the best things you can do is hand feed them. Just sit down with some food in your hand and let them come up to you and eat. This will show them that they can trust you. The more often you hand-feed them and hold them and sit by their sides watching them the quicker they'll become friendly.

Hope i helped
Thanks, I've been doing this but it's been since Easter and I was hoping that by now they would come to me w/o food. When they see food in my hand they come running. Otherwise, they turn and go in a corner. Once they've been in my lap for a few min. then they calm down and are willing to sit and let me pat them.
I got 2 Americana's at 6 mths old and I would sit in the girls aviary day after day w/ dries treats til they got arnd. It didn't take but a few wks before I won them over.
That''s why I was wondering if their where anything else I had not thought of.
Thanks so much for reaching out to me!

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