How can I move?

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5 Years
May 6, 2018
West Virginia (mountain momma)
Hey! My family moved to WV from Toronto about 4-5 years ago. It really sucks here, and I always planned on moving back. Well, things happened and I got chickens, and I love keeping chickens, especially since I can balance school, work and chickens. But now I’m a senior, and I’m gonna graduate soon. After I graduate, I plan on moving back. But I’m not sure if I want to leave my mom with all the chickens, especially since I’m the one who talked her into buying more and more (but who doesn’t want more chickens. :confused:) I’m not sure when I’ll move, but I keep telling myself it’ll be in the next year or two. I feel bad about getting chickens and them leaving them, but I don’t really have an option. I know if my mom doesn’t want them, our landlord would gladly take them, and if she didn’t want them then customers at work would take them. But I still feel bad about it. Can you guys offer any words of advice? Am I just overthinking everything?
I think you need to be ready to move on with further education/work, whatever your plans are, and that it's pretty nice that you already have options on rehoming them right there in front of you (whether it be the landlord or someone she knows).

In the future, when life settles down, if you want chickens again, plan for it (i.e. move to an area where you can have them without hassle) and start again with a new flock.
Yes, you are over thinking things. Life moves on and changes. I agree with ^^, sell them or give them away. They will be well cared for, and you can move on. I would expect, that you get back into it in years to come. It is a wonderful hobby, but no need to saddle yourself with guilt when there is nothing to be guilty for.
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