How can life be so good...yet so bad ?


12 Years
Sep 14, 2007
Kalispell , MT
Just got a call today from my apprentice director...I'm headed out to Wolf Point Mt for 3 months of work . Very good news since I need the hours and money , bad news since my husband just got home from California working . I can't come back home ( it's an 8 hour drive ) . We just bought some meaties , was just getting my horse ready to ride ( haven't rode him in 4 yrs due to injuries , and being gone for work ) and we're still waiting for the rain to stop to plant our 45' x 65' garden....I leave monday . I'll miss riding ( my sister doesn't know how to work with her horse ) I'll miss fishing , getting hay , cutting wood , spraying for much I can't describe ! Hubby was gone last year , so he has no idea what all needs to be done . I want to pull my hair out , but at the same time thank god I'm working again . Life is nothing but waves coming at you , some small...some so big that you don't know what to do !
Awww... I'm sorry... or not?

That sounds like quite a conundrum...

I wouldn't like to be away from home so much either!
It has to be . I'm not allowed to refuse work being as I'm an apprentice . I knew this going into the program , it's 5 yrs long and you have to have 8,000 hours of on the job training . I'm 5th yr with 5,200 on the job training ...way behind due to the economy up here . My husband was gone for 12 months ...I saw him 2 times in one year . It's a hard life....but I'm sorry to say the money and benefits( retirement, annuities, healthcare) might be worht it . If I could turn out ( get my 8,000 hrs of ojt , take the test ) then both of us could work 6 months out of the yr away from home and come back . Problem is...I love my home . Why can't we go back to the good old days of getting food , preparing it and your family is happy . Why do we need money , cell phones etc , when all we need is each other to pull together and survive . I think my ancestors had it right....hunt , get wood , get water , and celebrate when it was appropriate .
My hubby was for 1 year in Irq and I only saw him 2 times in that time. I was a nervous wrack, when he didn't call on time and in the news were bad news.
Now I'm a nervous wrack again.................we want to buy a house, settlement day should be tomorrow. Yesterday our realtor called and told us, that the morgae comp can't make it. Someone wasn't doing his job..............................
I agreee...............why we need all that stuff? Just hunting , fishing and raise some vegi, chicken and sheep............that's all you need
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