How can you tell a Blk AUSTRALORP chick from a BARRED ROCK chick????


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Dec 22, 2009
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Hey everyone! I need your expert advice, as this is my first time with chickens... I've ordered Black Australorp and Barred Rock chicks, but I'm splitting an order with a friend and need to know which are hers and which are mine. Neither of us want to end up with all of one breed! I've tried to look at pics on the forum and other breed sites, but BOTH chicks look grey-ish black, with some white on the underbelly and face. Help! How do I tell them apart???
I have Black Orps, and they do have Black or a grey on their feet/legs. I use to have BR's and I believe their feet should be yellow or pink.
Here's a pic of a black australorp chick. Hope it helps.... Good luck with your chicks!
As babies, the legs are pinkish. Aussies will have white skin, so the soles will be white. Rocks will end up with yellow legs, so soles will be yellow. Rock pullets usually have a dark wash down the front, but Aussie's legs are black/slate as shown in the above posted picture.
Heres a pic of a female BR new hatch
Sorry this is before she dried and fluffed up... But you can already see she has yellow legs and there is a dark shadow going up the front of them... you can also see her white spot on her head

Same girly 2 wks later... Still with her hatch mate, a Japanese Bantam(can you see her)

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