How can you tell if an egg had froze?

Candle them all in a dark room.
Get a few CLEAR photos and we can help you determine if there are babies growing in them.

I don't do frozen eggs. It’s not an issue here.
I take that back...I've froze a few in the back of my fridge...they did crack.
Wow. 45! You've got some sneaky birds there! And, an interesting dilemma.

How many birds would have contributed to the stash? Just wondering how old they might be. Do you have roosters? Was anyone on the nests?

I‘m sorry I don’t know the answer to your question. My gut tells me an egg would crack if frozen and there’s an easy way to test that theory, but I’m wondering what does it matter? Would you be using them personally? It’s a lot of eggs. If they were at my house, I think I’d crack them out one by one, and if they looked ok I’d freeze them for baking, maybe in an ice tray to make measuring easy.

I’m going to follow your thread to see what the eggspurts say.
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I have 40-50 hens that are laying or just started. 15 were sat on for a day or 2, they were cold this morning. She must have lost interest. The rest I found in 2 different nest. The egg production in the nesting boxes has only been really low for 2 days. Today would have been day 3. So I don't think they are old, possible frozen was my only concern. Oh and I sell them.
Frozen eggs will crack, partially frozen eggs will be 'weird' inside, but probably not yet cracked.
The float test tells you how big the air cell is inside, related to age, but is no guarantee that the egg is actually safe to eat.
There's no way those eggs should be sold!!!
If you keep your pullets inside at least until later in the afternoon, or 24/7 for a week or so, they may decide to lay their eggs in their nest boxes, rather than hiding them elsewhere. At least look daily in these places to find eggs while they are fresh!
Here, if I find a hidden nest with eggs of uncertain ages, they all get thrown out. Breaking a rotten egg in the kitchen is no fun! And food poisoning isn't fun either.
Hens can be pretty sneaky...
All the eggs were layed in the barn. Our chickens have a coop in the barn and they hang out there till afternoon when the get to freerange outside. The lows for the last couple of days have been in the 30's which is why I'm not even certain if they froze. Highs in the 50's/low 60's. None were cracked. The eggs should be no more then 2-3 days old at time of finding them. Hope that adds some clarification.
Those eggs didn't freeze then, and if you are positive that they aren't any older, and that none were incubated by a broody hen, they will be fine. Candle at least some of them from each nest to check. If you haven't yet candled eggs, use a small bright flashlight, right against the egg, in a dark room. Easy!

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