how can you tell if they're eating eggs

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  1. I have 3 girls 8-9 months old that we got about 5 weeks ago. (our first chickens). One laid a few eggs initially but then she started to molt. We haven't had an egg since. They seem to be in a good routine, they aren't wandering around enough to have a secret nest, we are really making sure that we have all the right food, treats, clean water, etc. etc. -- I just wondered how you can tell if someone is eating any eggs there might be?

    Would you see broken shells or egg debris?
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    Chickens don't lay eggs during a molt. The body focuses on growing all those new feathers. They'll get back into their routine after the molt is finished. [​IMG]
  3. Only one of them is molting, and the others seem to be just losing a couple of feathers a day which I thought would be kind of normal.

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