How can you tell pekins sex?

i just got two males, and i was told a males tail feathers have a little curl to them at the tips, and mine do. i havent seen a female pekin but i guess they do not.
ducks quack and drakes don't.
I have 2 female pekin ducklings (2 weeks). When they get their feathers, the drake will have a curl on the end of his. Drakes quack sounds more like a quiet slurrr, while the hens quack is loud. The hens feet are also supposed to be smaller.

When you get your duckies post pics!

ETA: If your duckies are 6 months old, if they are drakes they should have their curls by then!
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duck hens quack. They are VERY loud and annoying. Drakes make a softer hissing sound (hist, hist)
Don't always count on the ring tailfeather sometimes they get pulled
-Ducks quack and drakes do a kind of of squawk/low, raspy quack.
-The drake feathers, however it is possible for them to be male and not have drake feathers - one of my boys has not grown his back after his most recent moult, whereas the other drake has lovely big curly drake feathers.
-Egg laying - if you find eggs, you have at least one female!

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