How close to a road can I build a coop?

All you need to do is obey your local setback regulations. :)

We've had a manufactured home placed on our property over the past couple months and while I did leave them shut in the coop the day they actually brought the house in, I've had them out in the pen for all the other operations -- including running trenchers down the hard-packed, gravel driveway on the other side of the storage shed that sits right next to the coop -- not 20 feet away from the chickens.

Chipotle, the California White who is always my most curious bird, decided to perch on the feeder shelter and supervise the electricians. :D
:welcome One thing I would be concerned with a coop close to the road is that someone might steal the birds.
If worried they can install security cameras. Or, put in place a fence... if you have a gun that always helps lol (not to hurt anyone but if someone tries to steal your chooks and you have a rifle they may take you more seriously) hopefully it doesnt come to that
Closer than your county setbacks will allow. Meet that minimum, and you are fine. We also live on a road with big logging trucks driving by periodically. I left 150' of woods as a sound barrier - trust me, its not really much quieter. Your birds will get used to it, more quickly than you will.

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