how cold can they tolerate?


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I read that peafowl cannot tolerate the cold well. What to heat their area with, and how chilly to use it? Is a snuggy area good enough? Would I use litter or would they eat that?
Only the Pure Greens have a hard time in the winter, for all other Peafowl they must have a place so they can get out of the weather Barn, building etc, for the roost lay a 2x4 or 2x6 on its side so they can sit on there feet to keep them warm so not to get frost bite.
hi indian blues,and their crosses,can stand what ever temps they get!!
in england,where i had 8 peacocks!,all,of which i tried to get into a shelter at night.
refused to do so!!
they would prefer to sleep,and play in the snow!!!
i would give your birds a safe/dry/warm place,but do not be surprised,or alarmed ,if the birds just do thier own thing!!
Yeah you would only have to really worry about someplace warm for peafowl if you got green peafowl, but the India Blues can withstand a good deal of cold. Just make sure they have some shelter to sleep under at night because I have heard of several stories of peafowl freezing at night and I mean solid frozen because they didn't sleep in the barn for night when it got 0 or below outside, but other than that they can walk around in the snow and stuff and be fine.

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