How cold is to cold for hatching eggs being sent in the mail?

henney penny

10 Years
Nov 21, 2009
Northern Maine
I have some eggs comming,it should take two days,they are comming from N.J and I live in northern Maine.They will come to my post office.I don`t know if the trucks that deliver mail are heated or not so my question is how cold is to cold to kill the egg
I've shipped to Alaska (from Illinois) and it's taken 3 days to get to them during bad weather in early spring, then another day to rest and then into the incubator. All 4 shipments had good hatches.
I wrap each egg separately in 3 rounds of bubble wrap, then the box is large bubble wrapped all around the inside. This is not only for protection from bumping, but also prevents the temps from fluctuating radically. Your breeder should be wrapping them securely and with enough protection. Barring them not doing their due diligence, you should be fine.


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