How cold is too cold?


Oct 31, 2018
New Port Richey
It's getting cold here in Florida (by my standards). Being new to owning chickens, I don't know how cold the temps can get that chickens can tolerate.
My hens are used to 80-90 degrees. It's going to get in the 40's this week. Do I need to supplement my girls coop with heat? I don't know cold is too cold for chickens. I'll keep looking for the info but thought the best place to ask is here.
Thanks very much
I understand your concern. I always worry about my chickens -- it's been in the teens here in northern Iowa. It's true some breeds do better in cold weather than others, but I try to reassure myself by watching tiny, little sparrows flit about regardless of frigid temps. Birds manipulate their feathers to keep warm and hunker down when it's chilly. I don't have any experience with chicken-raising in the south, but above-freezing temps don't seem likely to harm your babies. Here, there is a concern about winter frostbite, but your babies won't have that if it's in the 40s.

All my birds -- including my pullets born in September -- are doing fine. No one has heat in their coops because I am far more concerned about fire in the coop than chilly chickens. Good luck with your girls.
I’m worried too it’s supposed to be 19 here tonight. It’s my chicks second night in their big coop with no power and they are a hair over six weeks old. They are all feathered out and seemed comfy last night in the low 30’s
I think for most breeds, 40 is very comfortable. You don't have to heat the coop. Personally, I worry about heat more than cold with my girls. At 80/90 degrees they are panting!

Do a little research on your chicken breeds. I hear that some, like silkies, suffer once temps go below freezing.

I think your girls will be fine. Maybe give them some warm scrambled eggs to take the chill off.

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