How Common are Crop problems??

Not very common, at least from my experience. I have owned 14 chickens and only had one with sour crop. Sadly it kept re-occurring and she finally passed, RIP.
I have had chickens for 2 years now. (7 at once was the most I have had) In that time I have had one impacted crop caused by my free range hens having access to grass that was too long.

I don't think the crop issues are super common, they are just a little tricky to deal with and the chickens that have them go down hill really quickly so it ends up on the forum a lot. It is a good thing to be aware of though so you can diagnose it if it does happen.

edit: If you do end up with impacted crop problems feel free to PM me. I have done the surgery.
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I seem to find a *ton* of crop posts on this forum, and since I'm new to chickens it is rather alarming.

How common are problems with crops? Such as - sour crop, impacted, etc?
I have many, many chickens, but have only seen one with an impacted crop and that was impacted due to her having EYP (egg yolk peritonitis) and the fluid not allowing anything through her intestines. I did have a turkey poult that got a nasty yeast infection in it's crop, but that was probably from the antibiotics that it had been on.

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