how dangerous is this heat?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by yesfantina, Jul 22, 2011.

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    Apr 16, 2011
    I'm plenty worried - it's over 100 out there. Our 12 week old chickens are doing some panting. we've put in ice bottles, both in their water and in the run (but they're scared of the one in the run).. The coop is in the shade (it's in the sun from 10 am-1pm or so) I've watered the roof down.. fed them frozen melon, ..

    We're going away and leaving someone chicken sitting, but what if it's like this on days that she works? I'm in New Jersey, so it DOES get over 100, but not regularly,.. i'm just really getting worried for the babies!

    How dangerous is it? Should i tell her to put them in the cellar in their old brooder (that they've outgrown) if it's like this outside, since it's cool down there? Or will they be ok outside? My family keeps telling me 'they'll be ok, they're chickens!'..
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    It's hard to know EXACTLY because it depends on so much. If it doesn't go much over 100 actual air temp, with a heat index of 110 or less, they should be OK with adequate shade, air exchange, fluids. They have to have a way to get out of the sun and cool their bodies. It sounds like you're doing everything right. But, if its not too hard to do, you certainly COULD have the sitter move them to the cool spot during the day if that's an option. Better safe than sorry, right?
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    Send your critter sitter these links, and study up to see what you can do on these lists to make it easy for her to implement cooling:

    I've put together some articles to help folks out during this...we're on our 3rd week of triple-digit heat index temps.

    There's a Heat and Your Chickens post on my BYC page. I keep mine cool using a bunch of different methods and letting them choose what they like most.
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    Sounds like youre doing everything right. Here in Connecticut its about 106 today. I keep going outside to give the older chickens fresh water with lots of ice in it. My 6 week old babies are inside today. Your 12 week olds should be fine. Something you could do if your really worried about them getting super hot is to put your garden hose on mist and gently mist your chickens with the cold water. They may not be too happy about it-mine aren't-but go out there and spray them a few times a day. You could even attach the hose to a post in or near the coop and let it mist nonstop, and if the chickens get hot during the day when no one is there they can sit in the mist and cool off, then you can tell your chickensitter to turn the hose off at night, but turn it back on in the mornings if its supposed to be a scorcher.
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    In addition to all the things you mentioned I have misters in a 1/3 of their run and I am sure that without them the chicks would suffer from the heat. In the middle of the day I find all of them staying in the part where the misters reach. I am a great believer in them and would not hesitate to recommend them for anyone. I bough mine at Home Depot and they come in a set with six misters and all you need to do is just attach them to a water source.

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