How do give a pill to a duck?

I once had a young drake on antibiotics for 5 months- and let me tell you- there are many ...many ways to give a duck a pill.

Poking it straight down the throat with your finger- after a few days it becomes a two person job to help hold the duck.
Wrapping it in Bread
Wrapping it in lettuce... poking it in a piece of apple-
hiding it in the pellets and watching to make sure it gets shoveled up with the food.
Powdering it and sprinkling it on food.
Hiding it in some watermelon

One of the best ways though- was to get a little devise kind of like a syringe- it has a plunger that kind of pokes the pill into the mouth. It was actually given to me by the vet on about week 6. Designed for use with cats and dogs- I found it pretty handy- but again I did end up needing help with holding him still.

Just be careful however you do it- Keep them on a towel for a few minutes after and I bet you will often find the pill on the floor when you are positive it was swallowed.
Someone is going to have to invent pea pockets!

Now THAT is a brilliant idea!
Go to the local drug store and get a pill-crusher and grind the pill to dust, them mix that in with a small amount of a treat that the duck will definitely eat 100%. Cucumber is good, sprinkle in with any wet food.

Sometimes the duck will find the pill in the water bowl and go for it...My little one was fascinated by the red thing in the bottom of the water bowl and would not wait for it to dissolve...she'd dive in there and swallow that whole like a big girl..funny, my brother was 19 before he could do that

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