How do I cure Egg Bound?

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    Hello, I had a ISA Brown that died, I think because of being Egg Bound. Some of my other ISA Browns have died as well from being Egg Bound. In case any other of my other hens get Egg Bound, I was wondering if you can cure Egg Bound, like sticking your hand in the chicken's vent and pulling the egg out [​IMG]. Anyway, have a cure?

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    Sep 5, 2011
    Give her a warm bath and but some oil around her vent and she should get her egg out. Ive not had a egg bound hen myself but i was told this works :)
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    If you reach inside, be very careful. Best to wear a rubber glove, both to avoid transferring any infection to the chicken and so your fingernail doesn't scratch it. Use oil or medical lubricant on the finger. Be gentle. The worst thing would be if you break the egg inside. If so, or if there is already a broken egg inside, you need to carefully get all the bits of shell out so the chicken doesn't get infected. You might then consider treatment with antibiotic just in case.

    Honey will reduce swelling, and on some breeds trimming the feathers around the vent helps keep the area clean so it doesn't block up.

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