How do I find a breeder near me?

Discussion in 'Chicken Breeders & Hatcheries' started by hrhta812, Jan 2, 2013.

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    Reading over comments about hatcheries, I keep seeing comments that it's best to get chickens from a breeder. So, how do I find breeders in my area? I'm interested in some different breeds, including Black Australorp, RIR, and EE. I live just northwest of Indianapolis, IN. Any direction is appreciated!
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    Finding good breeders takes some time and patience. Of course, if you attended the big show in Indy, "Crossroads"?? I think it is, you'd likely find many breeders represented for all those breeds and much more. Many good breeders post here on BYC on the threads dedicated to those breeds. Also, there is a national club for almost every breed and the club usually keeps a breeder list as well.

    My only recommendation is to start at the top of your list and find a breeder for that breed, and slowly work your way down. Here's a question many breeders will ask of you. "What are you going to do with these birds?" In other words, they may want to know if you intend to breed them. Top grade birds are a small gene pool and many breeders are delighted to help others expand the number of birds, increasing the gene pool.

    What many breeders don't wish to do is to "dead end" their birds. Putting birds into a dead end is placing them into a situation where they'll just live out their lives and that's it. Some breeders do not care, but many do. Hope that helps some.
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    if you are just looking for eggs and meat, hatchery birds will do just fine. Hatchery birds are a "representation" of the breeds you are getting and most do not meet the Standard of Perfection. This is why show breeders talk bad about hatcheries.

    If you are looking to show chickens, you should buy from a reputable breeder here on byc.
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    Agreed. Hatchery birds are "Utility Birds" only.. and very rarely will you find a bird good enough to even consider showing.
    So if you just want a good all over bird that will lay your eggs and cause no real fuss and are a good price (hatcheries deal in QUANTITY rather than quality) then go for a hatchery bird. I've had them, i don't show my birds at all.. they are just run of the mill farm birds (ISA mostly and some dark stars) nothing fancy, nothing special.

    If you want to deal in heritage breeds to keep that standard and heritage alive.. then yes, like others have said.. a breeder is a better idea. but be prepared for a higher price tag on the chicks.. as it takes alot of effort to get good show quality birds.
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    I know! She has finally made a site that everyone can use.
    And it's still new, only been up for a few months, so it will only get better.

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