How do I find the crop on a duck?


5 Years
Jul 9, 2015
Southern Oregon Coast
Poor Sarah is dying and I want to tube feed her to see if that might help. It says I need a tube long enough to reach her crop and for the life of me I can't feel the darn thing. She has too many thick feathers.

I keep trying little things, she seems still in good spirits but today she quit eating the meal worms, which were the only thing she had been eating since the day before yesterday. We don't have any vet in the area who does ducks, even the farm vet doesn't handle them.

Her symptoms were that she started stumbling and then couldn't walk at all. She can stand, and she drinks gallons of water. I can't feel an egg and she had already laid the day she went ill. I've gotten her a multivitamin with Niacin which mixes with the water and goes down well. I am trying to figure out a way to give her calcium and wondered if I could get her to take yogurt. She had only been laying 10 days and I thought perhaps she didn't eat enough oyster shell. She acts sometimes like there is something in her throat, I even upended her and tried to flush it. She is the worse for snatching odd bits from the ground and trying to eat them - and our yard seems to have been someone's dump so there is plenty of bad things I have to keep picking up after the ducks dig them out of the dirt. I'm thinking to worm her as well, and praying that she will live long enough for me to try it.

Two ducks in the yard is just breaking my heart. There is supposed to be three there. Please pray for Sarah duck.

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