How do I get my chicken to like me again?


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Aug 24, 2009
I have a rooster who is about a few months old and a hen about the same. My rooster (before i got the hen) would let me pick him up and pet him whenever i wanted. He would also even wait for me to kneel down so he could jump on my shoulder. It was really fun that way.

But, after introducing the hen, he started to stray away from me. Whenever he and the hen would see me, they would watch. When i get closer, they look as if they are being chased by a predator and dash for cover.

I am able to pick them up if i corner them. They don't struggle once i have them. But, that is the only way for me to spend some time with them. They do come to me when its feeding time. They even wait on my doorstep for me to come up

Well, i just want to be able to pick them up like i used to. Does anyone know what i could do to make them feel i am not a predator?

Off topic:
My rooster smells really bad for some reason. But when i smell my hen, she smells like nothing at all. Anyone know what's wrong?

Thanks in advance
Maybe now he has a flock mate he is reverting to natural chicken behavior? I've never had a roo that smells bad, but then, I don't pick mine up unless I really need to, nor would I sniff him!
Yep treats are the way to a chickens heart. You start feeding them treats they will run to you when they see you coming.

Sorry no help with the smell.
oh, well they run to me for food, but are very cautious when eating. I will try the treats
wonder what i should give em. maybe some corn flakes
my rooster's name is Cornelius (the corn flakes rooster) after all.
lol i dont actually go nose-to-feathers. his smell is so strong, i just pick him up and smell the breeze.
I don't know about the smell either. However the treats are the way to go. When I first let mine out to free range, I would go out several times per day, always with a treat of some sort. Now, if my girls hear my voice they will come running. Makes it so easy to get them to go up in the run if I need to leave and won't be home before their bedtime.
Mine love bread, grapes watermelon, cantaloup, cucumbers and tomatoes and cooked leftover rice. Just for a few choices. You will soon find out what yours can not resist. Good luck.
lol i dont actually go nose-to-feathers. his smell is so strong, i just pick him up and smell the breeze.

I'd look him over good and see if he may be harboring an infection somewhere. He could have a wound that is festering and producing a bad smell....might check his vent. A sour crop? Who knows? I've never had a roo smell bad...actually never had a chicken smell bad, so I'm thinking you have something rotten going on.
When you say "a few months old", how old are they exactly? Chickens go through various stages as they mature, and one of them is the "wild teenage stage". They should become more calm and friendly as they mature. But the rooster--his personality may change completely as his hormones kick in, so there is no telling how he will turn out. The bad smell does not sound like a good thing--check him out like Beekissed says...

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