how do i get silkies to go into the coop?


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Aug 3, 2011
I built a chicken tractor to protect my girlfriends silkies and some other juvenile chickens my broody hens hatched. I used 2x4 wire because it is strong and that is what i had on hand. The problem is only half of her silkies will go up the ramp into the enclosed part. The other half huttle together in the corner at night right up against the wire. We have had one silkie get her head pulled through the wire and chewed off and another one went missing. I know i could enclose the corner they use or put smaller wire over whats there but its also getting cold at night and its such a PITA to go out every night and crawl through chicken poop to grab them and put them away. I tried locking them all up in the enclosure every night for 3 weeks and even left a light on for them to encourage them to go in at night but nothings worked.

any words of wisdom?
most slkies prefer to nest and rest on the floor of the coop. the only way that i have had success is to build them a coop on legs. Mine is 5'x3' and on 4'legs, put pine straw in one end that has a door,(mine has 2 doors) so that they have what they think is a safe place to lay, then enjoy. Mine even hatch duck eggs.. SILIES RULE!!!
they have an enclosed place to sleep with a floor and straw in it. About half of them go up the ramp into the house at night but the other half refuses.

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