How do I get them to stop pecking my frizzle? Please help


11 Years
Jul 18, 2008
Fountain, Florida
All the chicken all the sudden seem to be ganging up on my white frizzle. I have all different breeds and 2 different age groups. ( 4 1/2 months & 3 months) Seems like the ones the same age as she is are giving her the hardest time all the sudden. They have pecked her back now till she is bleeding and I hve no clue why. I read before that chickens will peck anything red. Is this correct? Do I need to take her out and get her healed up before putting her back in? And how do I get her all healed up? Anything I can put on it? The pecked spot isn't so bad right now, but I worry if they keep pecking her it might get bad.


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Jun 20, 2008
Henry County Kentucky
Yep. Seperate her. Gives her a chance to recoop. Sometimes too small a live in area can cause this excessive henpecking and it seems that if one starts on another the others will join in. If living space is not a problem then watch your little frizzle for possible health issues.
Ex: We just had a partridge cochin experience a heat stroke that left her with some neuro deficits. I had to force feed/water her 2 days then kept her caged for almost 10 days. Before the stroke she had been reclusive and mean as a snake! Feared by everyone! When we put her back into the flock no one bothered her until the rooster appeared. I don't know how but he knew something was wrong and started in after her and so did about 6 other hens. I thought they were going to kill her before I could get to her.
Why do mother dogs or cats stop caring for one of the litter? Somehow they know something is wrong.
By the way, Teddy Bear is almost good as new and is starting to reclaim her place as Queen of the Flock! It took over 2 weeks for her to relearn to use neck and leg muscles, but she did it!


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Sep 9, 2008
New Hampshire
i read this last week about some blue goop you put on her to cover the peck spots or something. i wish i could remember the name of it. I have a polish frizzle that gets attacked constantly. all's fine in the hen house but when they free range she is a target. it's taken 3 weeks for them to get used to her (sort of) . Good luck-i think the chickens are just jealous because they are such showy beautiful birds!!


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Apr 5, 2008
Northern California
I have this same problem. I went away for a week and when i got home last night i noticed one of my EE hens has a bare spot on her backside. I only noticed a tiny little dot of blood yesterday. Today i went out to give snacks and she has a sore on her back side and i saw some of the others pecking at her....they walk by and give a peck. Poor thing.

I put her in a kennel out in the run with her own water and food. Should i put some neosporin on the wound after cleaning it out with some warm water? I'm going to go find that list of meds that are ok for chickens.

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