How do I incorporate one single hen into an established flock?


Jul 9, 2016
Russell, Kansas
I have 14 chickens: 8 hens and 5 Roos. One is the head Roo and the others are babies. (Yes, I know the ratio is not good.)

I found one single hen on the side of the road. I know it is not ideal to try to incorporate one hen into the flock, but, I really don’t have an option.

After her quarantine, how do I incorporate her into the flock?


In the Brooder
Apr 9, 2020
Marble Mountains, Calif.
I usually make a little fenced off area in the chicken coop area for the new hen(s) and put in there for a few days, then let them run around with the others in a large in the yard, larger than their normal run area. If they are ok, I'll let them roost with the rest of the flock, but sometimes it takes a day or 2 longer to get them to be friendly. Also I talk to them introduce them, telling the older ones to be

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