How do I introduce pullets to my flock?


Jun 27, 2022
When introducing pullets to an already established flock, should you just put them with the adults and monitor them? Or would it be better to close off some of the coop for the pullets (they would have access to a small run) so that the adults can get used to the pullets before I let them roam free? I'm just asking so that I know in advance what to do when the time comes to move the pullets to the coop. Thanks.
Integration should always be done slowly.
There should be a 'look don't touch' period of at least a week. Then allow them to interact with supervision.
It helps greatly to have lots of space with perches and objects to get out of the line of sight of other birds. Multiple feed and water stations are also a good idea.
I don't know how old the chicks you're adding are (or at what age you're planning to start integration) but if they're under 8 weeks you can take advantage of their size and use chick openings to help provide safety, in addition to the clutter and feed stations and the 1-2 weeks of see but no touch.

How I handle early integration: (skip past the brooder section, integration is further down)

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