How do I kill this thing?


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I was wondering how to kill a mink, weasel, fox, coon, or possibly the cat that came here recently. Not sure which it is yet, but coons normally take eggs not birds, right? Anyways it has taken half the flock in three days, they are little, like they fully feathered a month ago, and I've tried closing the coop, and opening the coop, it doesn't matter what I do it takes a bunch at a time, I was thinking about spending the night there without sleeping to figure out what it was, but I don't have a hand gun, only shotguns and a broken rifle that I need to send to get fixed, so like I said, how do I kill it, I'd be willing to get a tarrier for Pete's sake! It's just I'm so far away from a breeder, or a rescue that has one, I might as well get a handgun, so basically how do I kill it without hurting my birds?

Thanks a ton in advance!
Weasels will kill as many as they can get to. Likewise a coon. Foxes will usually carry the carcass off to their den. Cat? Don't know about a cat, tame or feral.
I would reinforce your coop. Even if you kill one, another will come back. So sorry that this is happening to you! :( I moved awhile ago and in one night a raccoon opened my coop and let the chickens out making a free for all buffet for every predator in the neighbor hood. I lost 9 of my 10 chickens. now to keep my survivor and 2 new chickens safe, i totally fortified my coop and padlock it every night. Haven't lost another one thankfully. 3 years ago i was in the city and had 6 ducks and we couldn't shoot a gun in the city, so we trapped the coons that came around and relocated them. We literally relocated over 20 raccoon in a year and a half...more kept coming. Well hope this helped a little. Good luck!!!! :)
My coop is secure, I already know that, I'm asking how to kill it so it doesn't bother me or the other farmers later.

I missing something here. If something is getting into the coop and killing chickens how can the coop be secured?
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I shoot pistols alot. I have been hunting for over 25 years. It would be complete luck if I hit a weasel with a pistol. Not saying you cant, but very few people in this world could. Likely to get a bullet bouncing off of something and hurting yourself or someone else.
If I was stuck on the idea of shooting it I would recomend very light lead bird shot in a shotgun. I would attempt trapping before I tried to shoot the critter. You can even set the trap up at a safe distance and safe backstop and blast away the next day. I have several traps going right now to try and stop an unwanted killer.

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