How do i know if its a quitter or not??


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Mar 11, 2011
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Hi I am new to this forum. I am hatching for the 1st time ever! So excited. Today is day 11 and I have one egg that I think might be a quitter but i'm not 100% sure. It is a brown egg and its hard to see, but it looks like it has a blood ring, but only on one side. I tried to get a picture to post but they all come out dark.( if anyone has advice on how to get a good picture let me know) So how do i know it is a quitter?? I don't want to throw it out if its good. Help!!!
I got some pictures of this egg I am worried about. I am now at day 13.

This isn't a very good picture, but best I could get.
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As long as it smells OK I would leave it in the bator for a little while. In a few days you will know for sure based on how the other eggs look compared to this one. Good luck with your hatch!
It doesn't smell yet so i guess i will wait. It is one of the few brown eggs i have that i can see in. It doesn't look at all like my white eggs!
Ok so today is day 14 and i took some more pictures of this questionable egg. Does it look like a blood ring?? It doesn't look like any of the others.




This is day 15 and this egg has been driving me crazy........i opened it up today and it was an early quitter. There was a line of what looked like blood on the shell and the yoke was just runny and look almost scrambled.
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