How do I know what chicks hatched from what eggs?


Mar 22, 2018
Hi, I’ve got an Ayam C rooster, hen and a couple Easter/Olive Eggers. I have several of their eggs in my incubator. How do I tell what chicks hatched from what eggs? Could I put something in the incubator to keep them separated?
Well, the EEs and OEs are half Ayam Cemani. And the 4 we hatched before were almost identical for the first 3 weeks.
Make several small cages from hardware cloth to set in the incubator...that's how I separate mine so I know which one came from which. Then toe puch or band the keep them identified.
I will post a picture of my set up in a couple of is what I have cooking now
I used plastic craft canvas to make boxes (no lids...just sides and a bottom) to separate mine. It’s cheap and easy to cut. I just zip tied them together. I did put non slip shelf liner in the bottom, which made clean up a breeze. I just removed it, rinsed the boxes off and they were ready to go for the next round. You can kinda see them in this pic, to give you an idea. The main downfall is that it cuts down a bit on the amount of room you have in the incubator.

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