How do I know what rooster to choose


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May 22, 2016
I want to get a Rhode Island Red rooster or a rooster that is different colors like the ones you see in photos or on kitchen plates and coasters the ones that have a black/Blu/Green tail Black/Blue/Green chest and orange/red back and wings!!!
And I'm only getting one so how do I know what chick to choose when my order comes in I definitely want it to be multicolored do I know by markings of the chick I know they lose their feathers at first and grow new ones but I'd like to know for sure that he's going to be multicolored
I just found out he IS a Rooster for sure and that he isnt a R.I.R he is a Red Ranger!!! He's so sweet I've already taken him outside onthis passed Saturday or whatever day it was really warm out... I love this little guy so much♡♡♡
Why can't I post picturesi even downloaded the app and still won't let me post pictures of my baby Torchic♡♡♡????

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