How Do I Make My Duck NOT Broody?

The Wolf Queen

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May 2, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
I have a Scovy hen that just started laying a few days ago and I think she is pre broody. Just in case she is how do I snap her out of it? With my chickens I move them to a temporary enclosure for a few days. Should I do the same with her?
I havent ever tried to stop my ducks from sitting at all...but i have had to kick them off a nest when all the eggs were gone. I actually placed a piece of wooden board across the nest so she couldnt sit there anymore. I guess its worth a try to see if moving them would work with a duck.
We used to raise Muscovies for the eggs. Broodys don't lay! To break broody we would put them in a elevated wire bottomed cage without any beding materials so the cool air could cool off their bottom egg warming area. 48 hours would usually do the trick(be sure to provide food and water in containers she can not 'set' on. since our muscovy would roost there would be a roost in the cage and if she roosted for the night she would be released. This is just a different version of the way to break broodty hens by giving them a cool bath to cool off the egg warming surface of the hen.
Well i have never had a broody duck but with my chickens i either put a board over the nest so they cant lay there anymore or put them in a smaller cage with no bedding or a wire cage.
I would just try and see what happens!
Thanks guys im seeing some great replies on here
. keeper I think she is pre broody because in the evening she has been going on and off the nest and I have to pick her up and move her back out side to get her out. Oh and I also think so because she is pretty unhandled and doesnt let me within a couple of feet of her and when she is in the nest she judt fidgets but doesnt move or freak or jump out of the nest.

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