how do i move / change her nest box??


8 Years
Apr 29, 2011
My hen decided for her first egg- and everyday thereafter she wanted to lay in a big shipping box in the livingroom. She's laid 3 eggs in the box and we've found 3 in diffrent places in the coop (despite a similar box available in the coop that she laid in when it was in the livingroom). So last night I bought 2 big litter boxes (one for each hen) and pour the contents of her box in one along with a few of her eggs took the carboard box away and set the new box in its place. I set her in it and she jumped out flipping the box and cracking an egg on the floor. So all morning she's been asking for her box- yes she asks and the sides are deep and we have slippery wood floors so she won't jump in on her own (another reason for switching to the litter box). I set her in the new box a few times- she dumped it each time. So I put the new box inside the old box set her in it a few times she jumped out each time. I poured the nest stuff back in the original box but moved the box to the back door- thinking ill just eventually move it to the coop. That didn't work. so now were back to square one original box in original place and she is happily fixing her nest.

So how to I get this bird to lay in a more stable box than carboard and in her coop?? I picked litter boxes because they love digging thru the bunny litter boxes- but apparently those are only good if they belong to the rabbits.


Apr 9, 2010
Glasgow, KY
Yeah, it seems when a hen's got her mind set on a particular box in a particular location, that's all she wants!

I have a ton of boxes (as well as the built-in nest boxes) inside my coop, but still there might be three hens waiting in line to use one particular cardboard tray that I have on a shelf inside the coop.

Sometimes I'll pick them up and place them in any of the other boxes, but usually they would rather wait in line. Silly birds!

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