how do i tame them x x x


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9 Years
May 3, 2010
ok so i used to have major lap chickens that would follow me around all day i loved them sooo much and then the mink came and got all 3 of them i was so upset
.But now i have 6 chickens and they just got less and less tame i cant pet them and they screech when i pick them up i have gotten really upset over this because now i just have nothing to do with my chickens as they dont come near me i just feel like my flock is going downhill and i want to know how to not only tame them so i CAN pick them up but so they WANT to be picked up .There are loads of stories on here where they have all these lovely chickens that want to be held and sit on your lap.
my old chickens used to come to my door knock on the glass and want me to come out and they would sit and sunbathe with me . i just want to
my chickkys

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