How do I tell if I have a Roo


8 Years
Aug 23, 2011
Portland OR
I got a batch of chicks yesterday to replace some we lost. They range between a few days old and a week old. One of them is a barred rock and it is so mean to the others. It pecks and "bites" the others...ALL the others. It even pecks me. It has thicker legs than any other chick I have and it is taller and skinnier than some. I really think it is a roo and since I live in the city am worried because we cant have them. What should I do?
Fortunately, Barred Rocks are one breed that can be sexed at hatch! The girls will be dark black with a distinct white spot on their heads. You may also see some dark shading down the fronts of their legs. Boys will be lighter in color.

Let me add that both of my BR hens have some serious attitude and would dominate the pecking order if it weren't for my roo.

If I were you, I'd do a search on here for pictures of BR pullets and cockerels. I know I've seen lots of pictures on here.

Good luck!
You described her to a T! I guess she is just a crabby patty with a tude

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