How Do I tell: Sour or impacted?


9 Years
Apr 4, 2010
I have a sick hen at the moment and is not doing good. I know it is a crop problem, because it is larg, heavy, and squishy.

Her symptoms:
-Comb is flopped over and purple around the edges
-Her tail feathers are droopy
-She shakes when she stands
-She makes a funny sound when I pick her up, like she is having trouble breathing
-She pukes a smelly, brown liquid constantly
-Her breath smell like bad eggs
-Her crop feels like a water balloon

How do I tell if her crop is sour or impacted- and how do I treat it?
What's her poop like, or is she pooping? Usually they don't poop, if they have impacted crop. The blue comb is a bad sign she's not getting enough oxygen.

I've not dealt with sour crop or impacted, but you hopefully someone else will chime in who has got some experience with it. In the meantime, here's a thread I found by searching BYC. The bird seemed to have sour crop, with some of your symptoms. Unfortunately, the OP didn't post the update, so we don't know what was the outcome.

Good luck!
No poop, and is now laying down a lot

ETA: She just died.
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